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Products & Services

SEM micrographs of a micro electrode for a research application. (A) The probe before EP-IC functionalization. (B) The probe after coating. The impedance has been reduced and the surface current injection increased.

PGC can provide any number of products and services related to our EP-IC Electrodes or we can help you with your general electrochemical processing needs.


EP-IC Products and Services. 


OEM Electrodes. PGC can provide EP-IC OEM electrodes from other well known manufacturers.  If there is a specific electrode design you already use, let us provide you that electrode with the EP-IC material. PGC can provide all contacts coated or selected contacts, depending on your needs. 


EP-IC Coating Services. PGC can coat your custom electrodes, as a service.  Please contact us to discuss how PGC can work with you.


EP-IC Custom Electrodes. PGC can help with design and fabrication of your custom electrode. Whether it is a macro-scale or micro-scale; single contact or multi-electrode array; lead wire design or micro-machined flex-circuit design, we can design and build an EP-IC electrode for you.

Other Coating Services.

PGC can provide other electrochemically deposited metal coatings for your needs.  Our area of expertise lies in the platinum group of metals (platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium), but we can provide coating services for other metals as well. 



Electrochemical Characterization & Testing. 

With our principles having close to four decades of experience in electrochemistry processes and characterization in the biomedical and materials space, PGC can perform electrochemical testing and characterization to address your needs.



Collaboration and Consulting.

If you have a program or project in mind, let PGC provide advisory services.  Our experience in proposal development and validtion testing design for implantable microelectrodes may help with your program's success.

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